The ADM 5-String banjo is a beautiful budget banjo. The banjo can be ordered with an optional resonator neck and back. It features a laminated 3 ply mahogany neck, maple rim, and a maple rim.

This banjo is distinguished by its tone quality due to its hybrid design, which combines traditional Appalachian music and modern bluegrass tones.

The ADM-5 has a slim neck, making it easy to play up and down. The adjustable truss rods can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of every player.

This banjo was specifically designed to last and will be a great tool for many years.

The ADM5 string banjo is striking and bright thanks to its high-quality exterior metal and wood finishes. The adjustable tailpiece and armrest make it easy to use.

The ADM 5-string banjo comes equipped with a neck and resonator made of 7-ply mahogany. This allows for a beautiful sound.

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  1. Amelia


    I have personally used ADM5 string banjo. It really has the best sound quality due to its design.

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