If you are looking for a MIDI instrument, the Roland FR-1x is the best option. The accordion is a favorite of jazz musicians, as it provides jazz organ sounds at both a slow and fast tempo. There are also 15 other sounds that can be downloaded online.

This instrument also features drum and other percussion sounds, making it possible to create an entire orchestra sound. This accordion features 26 treble keys which can be pressure sensitive, allowing you to easily control the volume.

It also has 72 pressure-sensitive brass buttons. This instrument is even easier to use because the bellows are mounted on pressure-sensitive regulator wheels. You can choose from the standard or free brass mode, depending on your song preference.

It has a USB memory port that makes music storage on the instrument very easy and efficient. It is lightweight and a great choice to use as a stroller player.

The built-in speakers allow players to share their music with other users or can be used as earbuds that only permit them to hear it.

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  1. Mathew


    Accordion is always one of the best instrument in Music world. Yes, specifically ROLAND FR-1X is best for JAZZ.

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